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Whew! My first workshop seemed to go well yesterday, thanks to the help of my upline! Thank you, Linda! She was a great support and loaned me some paper I needed and forms until my kit arrives. 🙂 She also handed me the Boatloads of Love set that I ordered from a friend’s party just before I decided to sign up. I can’t wait to play with this set….I *loved* the card that Jami made with it….you can find it here. I fell in love with this card when I first saw it….it is just adorable! I love the paper piecing and the doggies in tow. And the cat with the pinwheel….well, let’s just say I never cared much for the “You’re Neat” set, but after seeing the kitty on the boat I had to order it! 😉

When I started mounting this set, I thought it might be a good opportunity to show you how I mount my stamps. I have had a few instances when I was mounting a stamp and someone said to me “ummm…what are you doing?” LOL. So I figure this might not be the norm but it is what works best for me and what I am most comfortable with. (because I am so very picky about it) LOL.

I’m sure that you know this already, but for newbies I just want to mention to be sure to match up the stamps with the correct size blocks after separating them. Then proceed to mounting. You do not want to end up with a stamp that doesn’t fit the only block left.

I trim my stamps closely and I try to be very careful not to undercut them. It’s not fun trying to stamp a skinny stamp that wobbles because too much of the cushion underneath was cut away! I also like to trim the inside out of some stamps to avoid transferring ink to unwanted areas. If you look close in the first pic, I cut the inside out of the heart stamp. I use an exacto knife and you must be careful! I always worry that I’ll slip and cut the image, but after 7 years, it hasn’t happened yet! *knock on wood*.

OK, so here is where I get the funny looks….LOL. I want my images to be positioned on the block as best as possible to be lined up with the sticker that gets placed on the top. This method is the best way I have found to keep the words straight (crooked words really bug me!). And it is great for the two-step stamps….flowers and other images are much easier to line up the two-step stamping when mounted this way. Here I will be mounting the tow boat. First peel the backing off the trimmed stamp. Now, lay the stamp, rubber side down, onto the sticker sheet with the images.


Move so you are almost eye level with the stamp and can see the rubber underneath the gray cushion. Carefully move the stamp around a bit so that it lines up perfectly with the image on the sticker.


Next take your corresponding wood block and looking from above the stamp, slowly lower it onto the sticky foam cushion. Try to use the lines on the sticker sheet where the stickers were cut as a guide for getting your wood block square with the image. Don’t press down hard yet….only touch it to the cushion so it is lightly sticking fast. Now turn your stamp over and see if it looks centered on the block. If it is not, gently peel it back off and try it again. When it is positioned on the block the way you like it, then you can press the rubber down a little harder to stick it fast.


Apply your sticker to the top & you are done… more crooked words! 🙂

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  1. This is too funny Diane – I do the same thing if there’s an image I’m particularly picky about mounting so it lines up just right!

  2. What a great tip for mounting your stamps, Diane — I appreciate that! Glad your first workshop went well!

  3. love your technique of mounting. i will try this w/ my new stamps.

  4. Don’t you just love new rubber? You sure do a beautiful job of trimming and mounting your stamps! They’re as carefully crafted as everything you create!

  5. wow….cool tip, I never thought of it.

  6. Thanks for sharing your mounting tip!

  7. Well just look at you! What a wonderful tip — I’ll have to try that next time.

  8. Awesome girl!!! I smacked myself on the head and said *duh*!! Thank you for opening my eyes by sharing this!!

  9. I don’t think you’re crazy at all. I mount my stamps they same way!!!!!!!!!

  10. You’ve probably heard this tip, too, but in case you need to take the rubber stamp off of the wooden block sometime later (when you realize it was mounted with a slant), place the stamp on the block in the microwave for 5 to 10 sec. on high (time may vary with various microwave ovens) and the glue will release from the block but stay sticky so it can be reapplied.

  11. Excellent tutorial Diane!!! Great tip!

  12. Diane bless your sweet little heart for sharing this one. It always amazes me no matter how long you have been stamping you can always learn something new from those great talents that love to share. I can’t wait to mount me some new rubbahhhhhhh.

  13. OMG it’s genius! That whole eye ballin’ it just doesn’t work like you’d think! lol Thanks for sharing this great idea….I’m definitely going to do this from now on! Go you!!!

  14. I wish I’d found this tutorial before I mounted all my sets, it would have made it so much easier to get them aligned properly.

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